Is there any opportunity to waive the appointment?

5 days before the game ,otherweise we can not accept

Do we have to be there on time

Absolutely!If you come late ,you will cause delays for other teams. Not cool. Please be on time (10 minutes)

Age limits

Due to the complexity of our puzzles the minimum recommended age is 8 . We do not frighten our guest so if the kid can play 100 minutes without using the toilet and do not damage any facilities, they are more than welcomed.


The temperature is 15 Celsius inside the bunker,dress WARMLY.

Any kind of frightenning/Scary stuff ?

We do not frighten our agents,the bunker gives an atmospehere itself. No scary stuff


Free parking next to the bunker

Where are we located?

From the Gyömrői street under the 91 number.As you enter the just follow the signs.The gate is open between 8-16 hours otherwise please call our phone number .

What to do in case of any trouble or sickness?

Every room is equipped with emergency buttons.The quizmaster helps immediatly and opens the doors .Furthermore we installed a remote monitoring system which alerts our partner who will arrive in a minutes if the quizmaster would not answer .

How safe the bunker is ?

The bunker is indestructible,it withstands an 500 kg loaded bomb attack . In case of black out ,the doors open immediatly .we have our own electrical network.Our batteries supplies enough power to light and it is a nuclear-proof bunker !

I do not like to monitored or even make videos about me

The quizmaster must monitor the agents in case of helping them if they get stuck.Third person has no access to our videoroom.After the game all video record is deleted . If somebody do not want to participate in the game ,there is an extra rest room ,where you can watch the others on a Tv-set. We also can save the video record if you want to keep it and bring this amazing experince home

  • +36 20 361 7246 +36 1 226 1917
  • info@bunkergame.com

Open: Every Day 09:00-23:00